Taking a Shower Bundle

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Increase Independence with Taking a Shower

You want to help your autistic teen or young adult to take a shower more independently, but you are feeling overwhelmed with finding strategies that work.

Use this Taking a Shower Printable Bundle to help you create a plan and have ready-made teaching resources to help make the teaching process easier.

Learn how to teach taking a shower to autistic teens and young adults in a respectful way.

***This is a digital product only. After you order, you get instant access to download the bundle. 


What is included in Taking a Shower Bundle Ebook?

This printable pack focuses on teaching the skill of taking a shower to teens and young adults with autism.


  • Use real-life pictures of each step of taking a shower to teach each step. The bundle includes both male and female pictures.

  • Use real-life pictures to teach the steps for drying off the body with both male and female pictures.

  • Help them understand why we take a shower with why we take a shower printable and social story in a respectful way.

  • Get Sensory Tips and Adaptations for taking a shower

  • Showering product ideas that may be more sensory-friendly and may make showering easier.

  • Get specific activity and treatment ideas on how to work on taking a shower.

  • Get Specific Tips for the Steps of taking a Shower: 

    • Tips for Regulating the water temperature

    • Tips for washing the body off in the shower

    • Tips for drying the body off in the shower

    • Tips for when they take a long or short shower

  • Step by step written checklist of the steps and progress monitoring data chart to help you monitor progress

  • Digital Teaching Tools to use with Google Slides to learn the steps of taking a shower as well as a drag and drop activity.

  • Use the planning guide to help you figure out teaching ideas and strategies that will work for your specific situation. 


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