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Welcome to Learning for a Purpose – A Personal Mission Born from Experience and Love

Hello! I'm Sara, an occupational therapist, a homeschooling mom, and the heart behind Learning for a Purpose. My journey with this platform began from a personal realization – when my autistic brother entered his teenage years, my family and I discovered a lack of resources catering to neurodivergent individuals in this critical phase of life. This inspired me to start a blog aimed at filling that gap, and over the years, it has grown into a comprehensive resource for life skills education.

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As a mother of a 3-year-old and a neurodivergent 5-year-old, my daily life is a beautiful blend of challenges and triumphs. My experiences in homeschooling my children have deepened my understanding and passion for educational diversity. In my practice as an occupational therapist, I am on a path to becoming a neurodiversity-affirming professional, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths and potentials of each individual.

Learning for a Purpose is more than just a platform; it's a reflection of my dedication to empowering neurodiverse learners. I believe in the transformative power of teaching practical life skills, not just for enhancing the quality of life but also for nurturing a sense of confidence and independence. My aim is to provide resources and strategies that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of neurodivergent learners.

As a busy mom, I understand the importance of fostering a love for learning in our children. It's not just about academic achievements; it's about teaching them the skills they need in life, ensuring they feel empowered, uplifted, and valued. Through Learning for a Purpose, I share my journey, experiences, and the resources I've found helpful in hopes of supporting other families navigating similar paths.

Whether you're a parent, educator, therapist, or someone passionate about neurodiversity, Learning for a Purpose invites you to explore, learn, and grow with us. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of neurodiverse individuals by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in their own unique ways.

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At Learning for a Purpose, our focus is on teaching essential life skills that empower neurodiverse individuals. We simplify complex concepts into practical, everyday skills, making learning accessible and relevant. Here's what we cover:

  • Learn everyday skills for independence, like cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene care skills.
  • Develop social skills for better communication and relationships.
  • Learn emotional regulation skills, executive function skills, vocational skills, social-emotional learning skills, and sensory strategies to help.
  • Get teaching resources such as: lesson plans, task cards, social narratives, task analysis, checklists, visual sequencing, visuals, and teaching resources and ideas.
  • Explore the world of neurodiversity, understanding its strengths and challenges.
  • Discover strategies for supporting diverse learning needs in various settings.
  • Gain insights into homeschooling approaches that respect individual learning styles.
  • Access resources and tips for creating an engaging homeschool environment.
  • Embrace child-led learning methods that focus on a child’s interests and strengths.
  • Learn how to identify and nurture your child's unique talents and abilities.

We believe in a holistic approach to education where every learner's journey is valued. Our content is not just about teaching; it's about inspiring a love for learning and empowering every individual to reach their full potential.

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“Thank you for all that you do to find valuable resources! It saves me so much time not having to look everywhere online!”
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Need a Quick Win?

Here you will find the best life skills resources to help you on your journey!

visual schedules autism

Visual Schedule Autism: Enhancing Daily Routines

Visual schedules can play a powerful role in the lives of individuals with autism by providing a structured visual outline of daily activities. These tools are adapted to various needs and can include images, words, or physical objects to represent different tasks and transitions throughout the day. For many on the autism spectrum, visual schedules […]
valentine's day activities for neurodivergent learners

A Heart-filled Homeschool: Valentine's Day Activities for Neurodiverse Learners

In this post, you will learn about Valentine's Day Activities for Neurodiverse Learners to have fun, connect, and learn. As we approach the season of love, I've been thinking about how Valentine's Day is so much more than just heart emojis and chocolate. It's a golden chance to mix a little love with learning, especially […]
neurodiversity-affirming practices

Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices: A Guide to Inclusive and Supportive Strategies

*In this post, you will learn about neurodiversity-affirming practices and how they can transform our approach to inclusivity, offering supportive strategies for celebrating and accommodating the diverse ways in which our brains operate. As an occupational therapist, a homeschooling mom to a wonderful neurodivergent child, and a proud sister to an amazing autistic brother, my […]
autism and puberty

Autism and Puberty: Guide to Support Autistic Teens

As an occupational therapist and a mother with a deeply personal connection to autism, I've navigated the complexities of neurodiversity through both professional and familial lenses. My journey began with my autistic brother, who, during his teenage years, opened my eyes to the unique challenges faced during puberty by those on the spectrum. This experience, […]
gifts for autistic adults

Gifts for Autistic Adults: Thoughtful Ideas for Every Occasion

Selecting gifts for adults with autism involves understanding and thoughtfulness. Each individual on the autism spectrum has unique preferences and sensitivities that are important to consider when choosing a present. Autistic adults may appreciate gifts that cater to their sensory experience, encourage comfort, or support their interests and hobbies. It’s also key to recognize the […]

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