Kids Grow up fast. Before you know it they are teenagers and then they are in the adult world.


Children with autism are the same! They grow up fast and before you know it they are teenagers and soon to be adults.


During a new stage of life, you wonder how you can best help your teenager with autism. What do they need to know before they enter the adult world? 


As busy parents and professionals, you are limited with your time.  You can’t go looking everywhere online for resources to help you.

 You constantly wonder, am I doing enough for them? Am I teaching them the right skills to help them as they get older?


That is where my family comes in; we are in the exact same situation as you.

My mom and I do our best to help my teenage brother with autism reach his highest potential in a way that works for him. 

As a family we realized there are not a lot of resources out there for teenagers and young adults with autism, especially how to help them learn life skills to help them as they enter the adult world. But we know that there can be a better way.


We believe that with YOUR compassion, support, and guidance teens with autism can live up to their fullest potential. 


You can feel confident in learning how to teach life skills and satisfied that you are doing enough for them to reach their highest potential.


This is why Learning for a Purpose was created. We will teach you how to:

  • Guide and support your teen with autism as they enter the adult world

  • Find teaching strategies that will work for your situation

  • Create resources for teaching a variety of life skills so you don’t have to look everywhere on the internet

  • Help you feel confident with what skills to teach and how to teach them

  • Connect you with evidence-based research strategies and resources for individuals with autism

Finding helpful resources for teens with autism, just got easier for you.



Imagine a life where you feel calm and confident in knowing how you can help your teen with autism learn life skills to help as they enter into the adult world. 



“This is the first blog I have come across that specifically talks about teens. This is exactly what our family has needed.”


“Thank you for all that you do to find valuable resources! It saves me so much time not having to look everywhere online!”-


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A little Bit About Me:

Growing up as the big sister to my brother with autism, I saw the everyday life skills that he had challenges with and how overwhelmed and frustrated he could get when trying to learn something new. I felt helpless and worried that I couldn’t make things a little easier for him. I wanted to protect him from getting hurt by others. I knew I needed to figure out what I could do to help him in order to make things a little easier for him. 


I went off to college and obtained my doctorate in occupational therapy and I worked with families that had children with autism. As a professional working in a clinic and as a family, we realized there were not a lot of resources for professionals and families to help their teens with autism navigate this time of their life. We knew this needed to change as we realized that teens with autism have very different needs in this time of their lives. They may need different ways to motivate them and to help them learn more challenging skills. Slowly, but surely we are finding ways to help my brother navigate this world in a way that fits his needs so that he can become as independent as he can be as he transitions into the adult world. 


As an occupational therapist and a special education teacher for a mom, we are simply offering a place to help provide you with efficient resources, research strategies, and practical everyday life skills to help teens with autism live up to their fullest potential. Together we can help you feel confident to teach, guide, and support teens with autism. 



There are so many different life skills to learn and it can feel so overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.

Check out some of our most helpful blog posts and products to help you get started and to help YOU feel confident in teaching life skills.

Because we believe that with YOUR compassion, support, and guidance teens with autism can live up to their fullest potential. 

Want to learn a step by step process for teaching life skills to teens with autism? 

Check out our new online course Learning Life Skills for a Purpose!

We will teach you the step by step process of how to use task analysis and visual supports to help teach life skills to children, teens, and adults with autism. Plus we give you step by step resources to help get you started with specific personal hygiene skills!


“Thank you so much for creating this awesome resource and course! It has been very helpful so far! I am so excited to work through this course as teaching life skills overall has been quite challenging. Keep up the great work!”


Occupational Therapist

“I appreciate the ease of being able to get great resources online and the ability to share new information with students/staff and families.”


Occupational Therapist