Functional Life Skills Bundle

$ 49.00

Get Resources and Tools for Autistic Teenagers to help them through every day life situations! 


Get the digital toolkit bundle full of functional life skills resources, personal hygiene care tools, emotional regulation resources, sensory processing strategies, and every day life activities!

  ***Please note all of these products are digital downloads! 


You want to have easy to understand resources to help your autsitic teenager learn life skills to help make their every day life easier and less stressful.

But you are busy and it is hard to find resources that actually meet your child's needs….

  • Your tired of searching the internet for help

  • Scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for ideas on how to teach the skills

  • Tired of the same every day battles of figuring it out on your own

  • or losing hope that you can't find a way to teach them in a way that works for them

What if you could have easy to follow resources designed for autistic teenagers to help them learn the skills and make their every day life a little easier for them?

Introducing the Functional Life Skills Bundle Toolkit!

Total Value $125, now just $49!


Get all of these amazing digital products today!

What's Inside the Functional Life Skills Toolkit?

You will get all of these 21 digital downloads with your purchase!

Emotional Regulation Bundle for Teens

Calm Down Visuals for Teens and Adults

Identifying and Labeling Emotions Cards

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide Ebook

Personal Hygiene Cares Bundle Ebook

Taking a Shower Toolkit

Personal Hygiene Digital Activities Toolkit

Toothbrushing and Flossing Toolkit

Attention and Focus Ebook for Teens

Microwave Simple Visual Recipe

Coping Skills Social Narratives Bundle

Christmas Social Situation Cards

100+ Life Skills for Teens to do at Home

How to Use the Microwave

Building a Home Routine Together

30 Daily Living Skills Checklist

Kitchen Safety Resource

How to Complete the Laundry

Calm Down Toolkit for Teens

Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies

Problem Solving Checklist for Teaching Life Skills


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