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Hi, I’m Sara!

It is so nice to have you here! This blog is meant to provide personal stories from our family, educational resources for teens with autism, as well as inspiration! Our family is doing the best that we can to help my 15 year old brother with autism learn to navigate the world as he starts his transition into adulthood. We hope to help provide you with information to help your loved one reach their highest potential! I currently work as a pediatric occupational therapist and my mother is a special education teacher homeschooling my teenage brother. Together we are providing our knowledge to help your family along this journey in life! We look forward to getting to know more about you and your family!

Take Care,

XO Sara

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Apps to Teach about Laundry Skills

Apps to Teach about Laundry Skills Are you trying to figure out how to teach laundry skills? We have come across some helpful apps that may be helpful to you when teaching your child the steps to complete laundry. We have also found some games that may spark their...

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Activity Ideas to work on Toilet Training

Activity Ideas to work on Toilet Training Toilet Training can be challenging for some with autism. I have tried to put together some activity ideas for younger and older children to help teach toileting skills. * This post contains affiliate links, which means I...

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Water Safety for Kids with Autism

Water Safety Water safety is a huge safety concern especially during the summer months where kids are more exposed to pools, lakes, and the beach. When researching about water safety for kids with autism, I found out that drowning is the leading cause of death for...

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