Work Etiquette Task Cards Bundle

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Boost your students’ workplace readiness with our Work Etiquette Task Cards Bundle!

Specially designed for autistic and special education students, this digital download covers Punctuality, Workplace Communication, Dress Code, Social Media Etiquette, Phone Skills, and Problem-Solving.

Each bundle includes open-ended question cards, multiple choice questions, and image-based questions for a dynamic learning experience.

Perfect for both self-study and guided learning, this user-friendly resource is your tool to empower students for professional success.

Download today and kickstart their journey in the world of work!


Introducing the comprehensive bundle of Work Etiquette Task Cards

A unique digital resource specially crafted for autistic and special education students.

This digital download is the ideal tool for fostering crucial workplace skills, promoting independence, and ensuring these young individuals are prepared for the professional world.

This all-inclusive set includes modules on six essential aspects of work etiquette – Punctuality, Workplace Communication, Dress Code, Social Media Etiquette at Work, Phone Skills, and Problem-Solving.

Our Punctuality Task Cards serve as a reliable guide to time management and promptness, reinforcing the importance of respecting one's work schedule.

The Workplace Communication Task Cards provide invaluable insights into appropriate interactions and relationships in a professional environment.

Dress Code Task Cards offer practical tips and guidelines on dressing suitably for work, enhancing the learner's image and confidence.

In today's digital age, our Social Media Etiquette at Work Task Cards help navigate the often complicated landscape of online professionalism.

The Phone Skills Task Cards enhance telephone communication, an essential skill for any job.

Lastly, the Problem-Solving Task Cards bolster resilience and resourcefulness in challenging work situations.

Every task card bundle includes open-ended question cards, which stimulate critical thinking and creativity, and multiple-choice questions with two written answers that assess understanding and recall. Additionally, our image-based multiple choice questions engage learners visually, making the process more dynamic and engaging.

This digital download is incredibly user-friendly and easily accessible, designed for both self-study and guided learning. You can print and laminate these cards for hands-on practice or use them digitally for remote learning.

Use these low prep task cards to help with functional reading skills, time skills, job skills, and work etiquette to teach punctuality in your special education classroom, job skills lessons, therapy sessions, or at home.

You can have them write, verbalize, circle or point to the correct answer with multiple choice option and picture options.

You could also use these task cards in a group discussion about work etiquette skills as well.

  • Print, laminate, cut for long term use.

  • Use clothes pins or a dry erase marker to mark the correct answer.

  • Great for small group lessons and work task bins.

Empower your students with the key skills they need to thrive in the workforce.

Invest in our Work Etiquette Task Cards bundle today, and start your students on their path to professional success!


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