Work Etiquette: Punctuality Task Cards

$ 2.50

Get low prep and ready made task card resources to help teenagers learn about workplace etiquette with punctuality!


You will get 56 task cards to help teach punctuality in the work place with differentiated learning styles.


These task cards are a digital download!


Help your teenager learn about punctuality with these low prep easy to use work etiquette task cards!

Use these low prep task cards to help with functional reading skills, time skills, job skills, and work etiquette to teach punctuality in your special education classroom, job skills lessons, therapy sessions, or at home.


What do you get with the Work Etiquette: Punctuality Task Cards?


I have designed various task cards at different levels for you to use with different students who may benefit. 

You will get:

  • 56 total task cards

  • 14 open ended answer questions task cards

  • 10 multiple choice answer questions task cards

  • 10 picture answer questions task cards

  • 14 digital clock early or late task cards

  • 8 wall clock early or late task cards

You can have them write, verbalize, circle or point to the correct answer with multiple choice option and picture options.

You could also use these task cards in a group discussion about work etiquette skills as well.

  • Print, laminate, cut for long term use.

  • Use clothes pins or a dry erase marker to mark the correct answer.

  • Great for small group lessons and work task bins.


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