Free Resources for Teaching Personal Hygiene Cares

I get so many questions about how to help with personal hygiene cares and I wanted to put together a list of FREE resources available for you to look at and use. Below you will find a list of FREE Resources and Videos available for you to help teach these skills for individuals with autism.

Free Teaching Resources for Personal Hygiene Cares

Free Sensory Strategies Personal Hygiene Cares Toolkit 

Before you check out the other free resources below you should check out our FREE Sensory Strategies for Personal Hygiene Cares Toolkit!

Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies Toolkit #sensory


Free Personal Hygiene Resources!

Free Washing My Hands Visual Sequencing Cards by Learning for a Purpose at Teachers Pay Teachers

Personal Hygiene and Teenagers with Auitsm Spectrum Disorder by

Personal Hygiene Teaching Resources for Special Needs Students by

A Free Social Story about Taking Care of Myself by Katie Peterson at Teachers Pay Teachers

Free Social Stories for supporting Personal Hygiene and Self-Care Skills at

A Free Social Story about Boogers by Occupational Therapy Resources by Allison at Teachers Pay Teachers

Washing My Hands Adapted Book by Chalkboard Superhero at Teachers Pay Teachers

Teaching Personal Hygiene to Children with Auitsm-Free visual story by Autism Spectrum Teacher

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Learning Life Skills for a Purpose Life Skills Checklist template display image

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Below is a list of Free videos you can find on YouTube about Personal Hygiene Cares

Ending the Hygiene Struggle by Asperger Experts on YouTube

Video Explaining Hygiene Help for Autism Spectrum Children and Teens by Barbara Lester on YouTube

Tips for Personal Hygiene-Real Life Tips for Kids with Autism by Children's Specialized Hospital on YouTube

Teens and Hygiene From Autism Spectrum Therapies on YouTube

Teaching Personal Hygiene-Life Skills by Jacob Vlogs on YouTube

Let me know in the comments below if these were helpful for you, or if there are some other resources I should add.

Free Teaching Resources for Personal Hygiene Cares