Apps to Teach about Laundry Skills

Are you trying to figure out how to teach laundry skills? We have come across some helpful apps that may be helpful to you when teaching your child the steps to complete laundry. We have also found some games that may spark their interest in wanting to learn more about how to complete the steps of doing the laundry. Check them out below!

Free Laundry Games Apps

Basic Laundry Instruction App

Fabric Care Label App

  • Laundry Pro – Google Play Created by Vladimir Makarov, Laundry Pro offers an easy to read graph of the meaning behind laundry symbols

Stain Removal App

Please let me know if you found any of these apps helpful or if there are any others that I could add to the list! Let us know below if there are any more apps to teach laundry skills need to be added.

Apps to Teach about Laundry Skills