Free Visuals to help with Teaching Laundry Skills

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Download our FREE Laundry Skills Printable that contains the steps to complete the laundry in a checklist format, visual sequencing cards with pictures and words, teaching tips, and activity ideas!

Teaching Laundry Skills

Teaching Laundry Skills can sometimes feel overwhelming because there are so many steps involved and there are some advanced skills with understanding how to take care of certain clothes, how to fold them and organize them, and how to get out certain stains. We wanted to help make this process a little easier to teach by making you a free printable with visuals to help teach each step. We hope that these visuals can be helpful to help you teach an important daily living skill! We value the importance of teaching daily living skills in order to help individuals become more independent with their every day lives.

More Free Resources

I also wanted to offer you some more free resources that I came across when searching Teachers Pay Teachers. You will have to create an account on their website, but it is free and they have tons of great teaching resources!

Household Chores Laundry Life Skills Unit by Check In with Mrs. G on Teachers Pay Teachers

Life Skills – Independent Living Skills – LAUNDRY by Career and Life Skills Lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers

DLS Doing the Laundry Workbook by Susan Traugh on Teachers Pay Teachers 

Life Skills Laundry РWhen to wash? by Breia Franklin on Teachers Pay Teachers 

Laundry Basics by Real World Life Skills on Teachers Pay Teachers 

Free Apps to teach Laundry Skills

Free Visuals to help with Teaching Laundry Skills Free Visuals to help with Teaching Laundry Skills