Learn the best strategies and resources for teaching life skills to teens with autism so you can help them reach their highest potential!


Want to learn a step by step process for teaching life skills to teens with autism?

Start with our Online Course Learning Life Skills for a Purpose! 

We teach you the step by step process of how to use task analysis and visual supports to help teach life skills to children, teens, and adults with autism. Plus we give you step by step resources to help get you started with specific personal hygiene skills!

You are a busy professional or parent and we wanted to make teaching life skills a little easier for you! 


Thank you so much for creating this awesome resource and course! It has been very helpful so far! I am so excited to work through this course as teaching life skills overall has been quite challenging. Keep up the great work!

~ Morgan

I appreciate the ease of being able to get great resources online and the ability to share new information with students, staff and families!

~ Alicia

Do you have a child or teenager who is struggling to learn personal hygiene care skills?

Check out our Everyday Life Skills Personal Hygiene Skills in the Bathroom Ebook! 

You have looked all over the internet to find solutions for teaching personal hygiene cares and it is overwhelming! 

We have done all of the work for you! We have created visual supports to help you feel confident in teaching: 

How to Take a Shower

How to Take a Bath

How to Brush Teeth

How to Wash Face

How to Use the Toilet

How to Brush Hair 

You also get:

Visual Checklists to complete each step of the skill and possible sensory strategies to help increase independence!

Visual Sequencing Cards showing pictures of each step that you can cut out and place in an order that works for your child to complete the skill.

Social Stories to talk about the steps and routines involved in completing the skill. 

And our Personal Stories and Advice to help make teaching personal hygiene skills easier for you!


Do you have a teenager that has a hard time with everyday tasks such as getting dressed, going to the mall, paying attention in school, or going to social events?


Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide is your solution! We created this guide to help parents, therapists, and teachers help teens find sensory strategies that work for them to help them cope with everyday situations!


You are having a hard time understanding how to help your teen cope with everyday situations

You are wanting to learn more about how you can support teens with sensory processing difficulties

You are looking for sensory strategies and tips for teenagers

You are looking for ways to help teens find and understand their own sensory preferences