Teen Sensory Processing Guide Ebook

You want to Learn How to Help your Teenager Navigate their Sensory Needs to Help them through Everyday Situations

You want to help your teenager learn how to come up with sensory strategies to help them with everyday situations such as getting dressed, taking a shower, paying attention when doing homework, or going out to public places. 

Use this guide to help you understand your teens sensory needs and how to help them come up with a plan to help them through some of the challenging times of the day.

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide is your solution! 

We created this guide to help parents, therapists, and teachers help teens find sensory strategies that work for them to help them cope with everyday situations!

Does this Sound Familiar?

As a parent, you notice your teen has been struggling with everyday situations.  They are having a hard time focusing, going to public places, different clothing textures bother them, new smells or foods are hard for them, or they constantly want to move or fidget.

You are wanting to find respectful strateiges to help them during these tough times.

As an occupational therapist, you have parents asking you to help their teen with these everyday situations. You are wanting ready made resources to help you identify their sensory needs and ways to help them through those situations.

You are feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out the best solutions to try to teach them sensory strateiges.

Imagine this…

As a parent, imagine having your teenager be able to come up with sensory stratgies to help them without you needing to tell them what to all of the time.

You will have ideas and solutions to help you during those tough times during the day.

You will save time in your busy day, by having the resource to help your teen. You won’t have to keep searching the internet to try to figure out solutions.

As an occupational therapist, this ebook will help you feel confident teaching teens sensory strategies that work for them. You will have ready made resources to help you save time.


You are having a hard time understanding how to help your teen cope with everyday situations

You are wanting to learn more about how you can support teens with sensory processing difficulties

You are looking for sensory strategies and tips for teenagers

You are looking for ways to help teens find and understand their own sensory preferences 

What is included in Making Sense of the Teen Years:  A Sensory Processing Guide Ebook?

This printable ebook that focuses on helping you understand the sensory systems and how to apply this to teens and young adults with sensory processing difficulties.

What you will Learn when you download this 128 page Sensory Processing Guide Ebook:

  • You will learn what is sensory processing and different types of sensory processing disorders.
  • You will learn about the 8 sensory systems
  • You will learn about why the sensory system is important for us
  • You will learn how sensory processing impacts our learning
  • You will learn specific sensory considerations for teens and adolescents
  • You will learn strategies for helping teens and adolescents make everyday life situations easier for them
  • You will learn how to identify your sensory needs and how to help your teen or adolescent identity their sensory needs
  • You will learn how to create a sensory safe space
  • You will learn sensory activities for teens and adolsecents
  • You will get Sensory Preferences Workbook to help at Home and School
  • You will get 50+ Classroom Sensory Strategies for Teens
  • You will get Ideas for Fidgets for Teens
  • You will get A Calm Down Strategies Toolkit for Teens
  • You will learn how to use sensory tools to help you cope with everyday tasks such as: personal hygiene care skills, dressing, going to restaurants, school, home, and going to the mall.



 Over 50 pages of BONUSES!

And MORE!!!

The Sensory Preferences Workbook

50+ Classroom Sensory Strategies for Teens

How to Identify Sensory Preferences

How to Help Find your Sensory Safe Space

Fidgets for Teens

Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies Toolkit 

Calm Down Strategies Toolkit for Teens

How to Purchase your Copy

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide is an eBook, or Digital file, which means you are purchasing a PDF copy. That means you can read the book on any computer or mobile device and print off a copy. This book includes clickable links to relevant resources as well. As a result, this book is best viewed on a computer or mobile device.

Please note that there are no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of these products.

About the Authors:

Sara is the one behind creating the blog and currently works as an occupational therapist. She is inspired by her brother to create resources for families with children with autism and special needs to help them reach their highest potential.

Pam is the mother and a special edcuation teacher who provides valuable expereinces as a parent and a teacher to help provide valuable resources for families.

Together they hope to provide valuable resources for families!