The Mega Bundle of Functional Life Skills Resources for Teens and Adults

Unlock the Door to Independence with Our Comprehensive Life Skills Bundle!

Understanding the Challenges

Navigating the teen years can be a labyrinth of emotions, new experiences, and personal growth. As a parent, caregiver, or educator, you desire to provide your teen's guidance and support during this critical period. Yet, teaching life skills or managing overwhelming emotions can sometimes feel like an uphill task.

You want to have easy to understand resources to help your autistic teenager learn life skills to help make their everyday life easier and less stressful.

But you are busy, and it is hard to find resources that actually meet your teen's needs….

  • You are tired of searching the internet for help
  • Scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for ideas on how to teach the skills
  • Tired of the same every day battles of figuring it out on your own
  • or losing hope that you can’t find a way to teach them in a way that works for them

What if you could have easy to follow resources designed for autistic teenagers to help them learn the skills and make their everyday life a little easier for them?


  • Having resources that actually fit your autistic teenagers needs
  • Having help and problem solving ideas
  • Having easy to use tools and resources to help with:
    • Emotional Regulation Skills
    • Functional Life skills
    • Sensory Processing Skills
    • Personal Hygiene Skills
    • Attention and Focus
    • Social Skills

Introducing the Functional Life Skills Toolkit!

The Functional Life Skills Bundle is explicitly designed to alleviate these struggles. It offers a comprehensive approach to teaching essential life skills ranging from emotional regulation to practical daily tasks.

Total Value $125, now just $49.00!

Get all of these amazing digital products today!

What’s Inside the Functional life Skills Toolkit?

You will get all 21 of these digital downloads with your purchase! 

Emotional Regulation Bundle for Teens

Calm Down Visuals for Teens and Adults

Identifying and Labeling Emotions Cards

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide Ebook

Personal Hygiene Cares Bundle Ebook

Taking a Shower Toolkit

Personal Hygiene Digital Activities Toolkit

Toothbrushing and Flossing Toolkit

Attention and Focus Ebook for Teens

Microwave Simple Visual Recipes

Coping Skills Social Narratives Bundle

Christmas Social Situation Cards

100+ Life Skills for Teens to do at Home

How to Use the Microwave

Building a Home Routine Together

30 Daily Living Skills Checklist

Kitchen Safety Resource

How to Complete the Laundry

Calm Down Toolkit for Teens

Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies

Problem Solving Checklist for Teaching Life Skills

Empowerment Through Learning

But this bundle offers more than just practical skills. It's a tool for nurturing self-esteem, resilience, and confidence, laying the foundation for a smooth transition to adulthood.

Inclusive and Accessible

I believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered and capable, no matter their starting point. The resources are inclusive and user-friendly, respecting individual paces, acknowledging personal challenges, and celebrating every step of progress.

What others are saying about these products and how they have helped them…

I love that they are for older kids!

I love how this is geared towards older kids and that it has reflection questions. This is great for the teen and the parents to go through together!
Kelly S.
Occupational Therapist

I loved the visuals and it was simple!

I liked the fact that there were visuals on every page and the content was kept simple. It saved me a lot of time, seeing I didn't have to make it myself.
Rebecca O.
Occupational Therapist

Great resource to send home!

This was a great resource to send home with parents to keep in their bathroom for a visual guide!
Danielle V.

Picture the Future

Imagine your teen's sense of accomplishment as they master new skills. Visualize their growing confidence and blossoming independence. That's the future our Functional Life Skills Bundle can help create.

Invest in Growth

Don't just buy a product; invest in a journey toward personal growth and self-reliance. With our bundle, you're not just equipping your teen with life skills but empowering them for a brighter, more secure future.

Here is what is included in the Functional Life Skills bundle, all for only $49.00! 

Emotional Regulation Skills Resources

Emotional Regulation Bundle for Teens

Emotional Regulation Bundle for Teens ($9.99 value)

The Emotional Regulation Bundle for Teens will help you teach recognizing emotions, triggers, coping strategies, tips for talking about feelings with teens, tips for teaching emotional regulation skills, and a reflection/action plan on how to deal with emotions.

Calm down regulation visuals toolkit

Calm Down Regulation Visuals Toolkit for Teens and Young Adults ($8.99 value)

The Calm Down and Regulation Visuals Toolkit for Teens and Young Adults will help to reduce stress, anxiety, and anger, and regulate the body. 

You will learn how to: recognize signs of overload, ways to calm down, how relaxation feels in the body, grounding yourself with your senses, breathing techniques, how to create a sensory safe space, how to create a calm down toolbox, 96 calm down/regulation visuals to help them identify strategies that could work to help them calm down, as well as an action plan for what to do at home, school, work, and in public. 

You will also get a list of apps and YouTube video demonstrations to help you calm down.

Identifying and Labeling Emotions Task Cards

Identifying and Labeling Emotions Cards (Value $6.99)

This is a 60+ page resource using real life pictures to help students identify and label emotions.

Students will be able to learn how to identify their own emotions and emotions of others through discussion questions and real life scenarios.

Sensory Resources

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide #sensory

Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Processing Guide ($12.99 value)

The Making Sense of the Teen Years: A Sensory Procesing Guide will help you teach your teenager or young adult to find sensory strategies that work for them to help them cope with everyday situations.

Use the Making Sense of the Teen Years:  A Sensory Processing Guide to help you better understand the sensory system, how to t help your teen through new sensory experiences, and how to help them identify senosry strategies that work for them.

Images for Attention and Focus Toolkit Older Kids

Attention and Focus Ebook for Teens ($7.00 value)

  • Teach your teen or young adult to focus better during the day. They need help to focus while doing their homework, watching a lecture, or listening to the teacher in the classroom.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with how to help them or what type of strategies to try.
  • Use this Attention and Focus Toolkit for Older Kids to help you create a plan and work with them to find sensory strategies to help them focus and get the stuff done that they need to.

Life Skills Resources

Personal Hygiene Cares Bundle Ebook Product Image

Personal Hygiene Cares Bundle Ebook ($12.99 value)

This Ebook gives you simple checklists to break down the personal hygiene care skills into simple to follow steps to help increase their independence with the skills.

The skills included:
Taking a shower and bath
Brushing Teeth and Flossing Teeth
Shaving Face and Legs
Brushing Hair and Washing Hair
Washing Face
Applying Deodorant
Washing Hands
Menstrual Cycle Cleanliness
Toileting Routine for Boys and Girls
Grooming Checklist for getting ready for the day

Taking a Shower Bundle Preview Image

Taking a Shower Toolkit  ($9.00 value)

This digital download toolkit will help you…

  • Teach the skill of taking a shower with a variety of resources, including:
    • real life pictures of each step for both males and females
    • help them understand why we take a shower with a social story
    • you will get sensory tips and adaptations for taking a shower
    • showering product ideas that may be more sensory friendly
    • Tips for regulating water temperature
    • tips for washing off the body
    • tips for drying off the body
    • tips for when they take a long or short shower
    • step by step written checklist for the steps and progress monitoring
Personal hygiene digital activities bundle preview

Personal Hygiene Digital Activities Bundle ($7.99 value)

Use Visual Sequencing Steps to help Teach These Personal Hygiene Skills with Real Life Photos!

  • Washing Hands
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Taking a Shower Teen Boy
  • Taking a Shower Teen Girl
  • Taking a Shower Drag and Drop Sequencing Activity for with Teen Boy and Teen Girl photos

All of these digital activities can be played on Google Slides. 

Toothbrushing and Flossing Toolkit preview image

Toothbrushing and Flossing Toolkit (Value $7.00)

This 35 page printable pack focuses on teaching the skill of brushing teeth and flossing to autistic teens and adults.

  • Use real-life pictures of each step of brushing teeth and flossing to teach each step. 
  • A checklist with written steps and real life picture steps of brushing the teeth
  • A Checklist with written steps and real life picture steps of flossing teeth 
  • A written checklist of brushing teeth steps
  • A written checklist of flossing teeth steps
  • A written checklist of using a floss pick to floss teeth
  • Visual Sequencing Cards with real life pictures and written words for each step of brushing teeth and flossing teeth
  • Get Specific Tips for brushing teeth and flossing teeth 
  • Progress monitoring data charts for brushing teeth and flossing teeth to help you monitor progress
  • Digital Teaching Tools to use with Google Slides to learn the steps of brushing teeth
  • A social narrative about why we brush our teeth to help them understand why we need to brush our teeth
Visual Microwave Simple Recipes

Visual Microwave Simple Recipes Value ($7.00)

Help them learn how to use the microwave by using step by step directions and visuals for each step.

Recipes Included:

  • Instant Oatmeal Packet
  • Microwave Mac and Cheese Cup
  • Microwave Rice Cup
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Ham and Cheese Hot Pocket
  • Microwave Cheese Nachos
  • Microwave Cheese Quesadilla
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Microwave Rice Krispies Bars

Social Skills Resources

Coping Skills Social Narratives Bundle ($5.00 Value)

This bundle includes 3 Social Narratives!

  • When I Make a Mistake Social Story
  • When I feel Frustrated Social Story
  • When I get a Bad Grade Social Story

Help them learn to identify what they are feeling during these situations and how they can appropriately react.

These social stories include reflection questions throughout so that you can talk about each situation as it relates specifically to your teen.

You can help them come up with an appropriate plan on how to react in these situations.

These are great discussion topics and how to help keep your teen work through each of these situations.

Each story uses real-life pictures!

Christmas Social skills Situation Cards Preview Image

Christmas Social Situations and Problem Solving Cards ($2.00 value)

  • Talk through various socials situations that occur around the Christmas Season
  • Help you talk about and problem solve how to react in a possible situation
  • Give you and the child tools to increase their confidence with social situations during the Christmas Holiday.

Additional FREE Bonuses you can get with this functional life skills bundle!

100+ Life Skills Activities for Teens to do at Home

100+ Life Sills Activities for Teens to do at Home

Use these simple activities and ideas to support learning life skills at home in everyday life situations. They can get help with cooking skills, money skills, cleaning skills, personal hygiene skills, leisure skills, movement activities, emergency situations, and safety skills.

How to use the microwave display image of printable

How to use the microwave

Help teach how to use the microwave with the written steps and visual steps. Along with some simple recipes.

Building A Home Routine Together Freebie Display image

Building a Home routine together

Help set up a home routine in less than 5 minutes that will help your family thrive with a daily routine. Use written checklists or visuals to help create a home routine that works for you.


30 daily living skills to teach autistic teens to help them reach their highest potential

Use this checklist to help you come up with a plan on what daily living skills to help teach your teen or adult to help them reach their highest potential.

Kitchen Safety Display Image

Kitchen Safety Resource

Use this kitchen safety resource to help teach the skill of staying safe in the kitchen. You will get visuals and written steps to help keep your teen safe while working in the kitchen.

How to Complete the Laundry Printable Display Image

how to complete the laundry

Help teach the skill of completing the laundry with using these written steps, visual sequencing steps, and tips and resources for making teaching this skill easier.

calm down strategies toolkit for teens

calm down strategies toolkit for teens

Help your teen with learning different calming techniques to help manage big emotions. Use the tips and resources along with the calm down toolkit ideas to help.

Problem Solving Checklist for Teaching Daily Living Skills Freebie Preview Image

problem solving checklist for teaching daily living skills

Use this problem solving checklist to help you identify areas that you may need to teach differently or how you can better help and assess how to teach different life skills.

personal hygiene sensory strategies toolkit

personal hygiene sensory strategies toolkit

Use the personal hygiene sensory strategies toolkit to give you ideas and strategies to help with the skills of showering, brushing teeth, combing hair, flossing, hair cutting, washing face, and puberty resources.

Get the Functional Life Skills Bundle today for ONLY $49.00!

Wouldn’t it be great to…

  • Have tools and resources at your finger tips to help you teach all of these skills…
  • Have ready-made resources that you can use for treatment planning or in an educational setting…
  • Have resources that address emotional regulation skills and sensory processing skills…

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this teach them to be completely independent with all every day life skills?

No, I cannot guarantee that this ebook will help your teen or child to be completely independent with these every day life skills, but these can be strategies and resources to help you teach them and to help them reach their highest potential.

Will this help my autistic teenager learn life skills?

Yes, I do believe this will help the process of teaching functional life skills easier for you with the steps for each skill written out for you. When we have mastered a skill, it can be challenging sometimes to break a skill down into smaller steps when it comes so naturally to us. I have done this process for you, so know you can use these checklists and data collection charts to help you feel confident in teaching these functional life skills. You will also have ready-made resources to teach emotional regulation skills and sensory strategies.

Can I use these in my clinical practice with patients?

Yes, you can use any of these resources and charts with your patients to help you identify what areas they are having a hard time learning and to help you problem-solve what areas to help teach. You can also use the data tracking charts to help you monitor progress over time and help with goal writing. I just ask that if you have any colleuges that would like to use them, I would love for you to send them to this page so they can purchase their own copy.

Will this save me time in my clinical practice?

Yes, I believe this will save you time planning for treatment sessions by having the steps for the skills written out for you. That way you can go through the steps with the individual you are working with or have parents go through the steps with them at home. You will have a vareity of resources and tools ready for you to use for treatment planning ideas.

What is the cost of this electronic digital bundle?

All of the resources are yours for only $49.00! 

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Sara is the one behind creating Learning for a Purpose and has her doctorate in occupational therapy.

She is inspired by her brother to create resources for families with autistic teens and adults to help them reach their highest potential.