Video Game Gifts for Teenagers with Autism

Video Game Gifts for Teenagers with Autism

Video Game Gifts for Teenagers with Autism

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ideo Game Gifts for Teenagers with Autism

Video games have been a huge part of our family and they are my brother's favorite free time activity to play. As the older sister I have even loved getting to participate with all of the new video games my brother enjoys. We know that these activities can become very expensive and time consuming, but this is something our family enjoys to do with my brother.

We wanted to compile a list of some of my brother's favorite electronic consoles that he uses and some of his favorite games. We would love to hear from you if your teenager loves to play video games and what some of their favorite games might be!

Ipad and Computer

My brother's two favorite items are his iPad and his computer. He could spend hours playing games or doing learning activities with these two items. Below are pictures of the items that he uses on a daily basis.

Ipad Pro

ASUS Gamer Computer Laptop


My brother loves using his Steam account on his computer to play video games. His favorite video game to play on Steam is Team Fortress 2!

Steam Gift Card


He has also loved getting to play games on his Xbox. I also enjoy playing games with him on his Xbox together. Especially the Lego Dimension games.

Xbox 1

Xbox Games

Lego Dimensions Xbox One

Lego Dimensions allows you to play the game with various lego characters and you can purchase additional packs and characters to go on various adventures! It is a lot of fun to play together!

WWE 2K18 Xbox One


This is a teen rated fighting game, but we still have fun playing this game together to see who can win the battle!

Nintendo Wii

Our family loves the Wii Systems! These games can be super fun and interactive! We have used the Wii and the Wii U. We have also purchased the Wii Fit where we can do fun interactive games together and get our sweat on at the same time!

Nintendo Wii U

 Nintendo Wii Fit

Below are two of my brother's favorite games to play with the Wii. They can also be fun games to play as a family as well!!

Mario Strikers Charged

Super Smash Brother Wii U


We know that videos games are not for everyone, but our family has had a lot of fun playing new video games over the years. We hope that some of my brother's favorite games will be helpful for you and your family as you look for video games for your teenager as well.

Please let us know in the comments below what some of your teenagers favorite games are! We would love to learn more and expand on what we currently have!


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