Holiday Sensory Play Ideas for Children with Autism

Holiday Sensory Play Ideas for Children with Autism

Holiday Sensory Play Ideas for Children with Autism

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Christmas is almost here and winter is upon us! I love the magical feeling of this time of year! I love driving around town and looking at the Christmas lights up around the neighborhood. Now, I don't always love the cold weather here in Iowa, and I love finding fun activities to complete inside where I can stay warm!

Our family loves finding fun ways to incorporate sensory play based activities. I wanted to share with you some great Holiday sensory play based ideas that you can complete together inside! These are great ideas to help your loved one experience new tactile sensory experiences!

Holiday Sensory Play Collage

Check out these Fun Holiday Sensory Bin Play Ideas!

O Holy Night Sensory Bin

Winter Sensory Bin

Melted Snowman Sensory Bottle

Winter Wonderland Sensory Bin

Christmas Sensory Bin

Melted Snowman Sensory Play

Sensory Bins can be a great way to expose your child to new tactile feelings on their hands and you can make them educational as well! You can hid different objects inside the bins and work on counting, color sorting, size sorting, or have them close their eyes and try to identify what they found with their eyes closed! There are endless opportunities for ways to play with sensory bins!!


Holiday Slime and Playdough Recipes

Check out these AWESOME Slime and Playdough Recipes!!

Holiday Slimes for Christmas Science Activities 

Fantastic Candy Cane Christmas Fluffy Slime Recipe 

Beautiful Tinsel Glitter Christmas Slime Recipe

Ugly Christmas Sweater Play dough

Peppermint Essential Oil Christmas Play dough

How to make Snow Gel-Sensory Play

I personally love to play with different textures of play dough and slime! It can be so soothing for some. You can incorporate fine motor skills with working on finding small objects within the play dough or slime and work on using a pincer grasp with finding the objects inside the slime. You can have the child work on hand strength by gripping, squishing and pinching the slime. They could use cookie cutters to push into the slime or play dough to form new shapes. This is another great activity to help with tactile sensory play ideas!

Are you looking for more Holiday Sensory Ideas?

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We would love to hear what sensory play ideas you like to complete inside over the winter months!! What are your favorites?

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