Kitchen Safety Worksheet with Visuals and Rules to Keep them Safe While Cooking

Kitchen Safety Worksheet with Visuals and Rules to Keep them Safe While Cooking

Use this free kitchen safety worksheet to help teach kitchen safety skills for cooking.

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How to Teach Kitchen Safety Skills to Autistic Teens and Young Adults

Kitchen Safety Skills can be a tricky area to figure out how to teach because there can be so many different scenerios when cooking. There could be different outcomes based on different situations.

One area to start with when thinking about kitchen safety is setting up the kitchen environment, especially to keep them safe or if they don't understand what is safe to touch or use.

Setting up the Kitchen Environment

  1. Put knives away in an area they cannot reach.
  2. Try using stove locks to keep them from turning on the stove.
  3. Try using locks on the fridge or on the cupboards if they cannot be trusted to get food out on their own.
  4. Keep glass wear or breakable items in a locked cupboard or up high out of reach.
  5. Unplug appliances so that they cannot accidently be turned on.
  6. Place Stop Signs or visuals on items or surfaces where you don't want them to go or reach towards.

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You can download our free visuals for kitchen safety below and we provide you with some options of stop signs that you can print out and laminate to put around the kitchen if needed. Just enter your email address below to get the free kitchen safety worksheet.

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Teaching Kitchen Safety Skills

If the individual is wanting to do more in teh kitchen or has shown some interest in being in the kitchen with you, that can be a great time to work on teaching kitchen safety skills and awareness.

  1.  You could start by teaching what items in the kitchen are dangerous and how they could hurt them.
  2. Show them pictures or get the real objects and model for them appropriate behavior to use when around those items.
  3. Teach them how to ask for help so if they do get into trouble in the kitchen they will know how to get you for help.
  4. You could try using You Tube Videos to show demonstrations on how to use specific items such as knife skills or how to use the blender.
  5. Be with them every time they want to be in the kitchen cooking so that you can help model appropriate behaivors and show them how to do specific steps.
  6. Use visuals around the ktichen such as step by step instructions for specific skills they are working on.
  7. You could use checklists as reminders on things such as what to do after cooking food or rules to follow so they don't get hurt.

Free Resources to help Teach Kitchen Safety Skills

We also looked on the internet for more additional free resources you could use to help teach kitchen safety skills.

Please take a look at these free resources we found on Teachers Pay Teachers to help find additional ways to teach kitchen safety skills.

“After you finish cooking…” Kitchen Safety Task Analysis Visual Life Skills by Adulting Made Easy aka SpedAdulting on Teachers Pay Teachers

Kitchen Safety Rules and Lesson Plan by Pro Chef on Teachers Pay Teachers

Cooking with Kids-Kitchen Safety Chart by Debbie Madson on Teachers Pay Teachers

Kitchen Safety Life Skills Poster Autism Special Education by Curriculum for Autism on Teachers Pay Teachers

Life Skills and Social Skills Interactive Notebook Free Sample by School Bells N Whistles on Teachers Pay Teachers

Kitchen Safety and Equipment Memory Game Matching by Jordan Sveen on Teachers Pay Teachers

How to Put out Kitchen Fires Quiz by Christine Kight on Teachers Pay Teachers

We hope you find our free visuals along with these other free resources on Teachers Pay Teachers to be helpful for you when teaching Kitchen Safety Skills. We understand the importantance of teaching kitchen safety before learning how to cook and to help keep our loved ones safe.

Please let me know if you have any questions and let me know in the comments below if these resources are helpful for you!

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How to Teach Kitchen Safety Skills for Teens with Autism with this free kitchen safety worksheet
How to Teach Kitchen Safety Skills for Teens with Autism