Activity Ideas to work on Toilet Training

Activity Ideas to work on Toilet Training

Activity Ideas to work on Toilet Training

Toilet Training can be challenging for some with autism. I have tried to put together some activity ideas for younger and older children to help teach toileting skills.

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Activity Ideas to work on Toilet Training

Why do children with autism have difficulties with toilet training?

  • Children with autism may simply need more time to learn a new skill.
  • They may have difficulty breaking established habits and routines. They have always used a diaper, and they may not understand the reason why they don't need to use it anymore.
  • They may have difficulty understanding the feeling of when they need to use the bathroom. From an occupational therapy standpoint, they may not have inner body sensory awareness also called interoception.
  • They may have difficulty communicating to you that they need to use the bathroom.
  • They may have developed anxiety around toileting since this is a new skill.
  • They may have sensory difficulties with using the bathroom with loud sounds such as flushing the toilet or even the smells of using the bathroom.

These are just some ideas or reasons why children with autism may be having a hard time with learning toilet training. There could be other reasons as well.

If you are working with a child with autism, try to keep these considerations in mind and try to figure out what might be one area that they are having a hard time with from listed above.

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Activity ideas to help prepare them for Toilet Training

Activity ideas to help with sensory processing difficulties with toilet training

  • Check out our FREE Personal Hygiene Sensory Strategies Toolkit by clicking the link!
  • Try having someone else wipe your bottom for you with toilet paper to get used to the feeling
  • Try using Wet Wipes if you don’t like the feeling of toilet paper
  • Try wearing latex gloves or use a toilet buddy to help with wiping your bottom
  • Talk to your doctor if you are struggling with constipation so they can help you
  • Try sitting on the toilet with something you enjoy such as an iPad or game to try to relax you
  • Have something under your feet to help with pushing.
    • Check out the Squatty Potty on Amazon to help with positioning on the toilet. I personally have used this item and have felt it helped with bowel movements.
  • Play music or something relaxing while going to the bathroom
  • If the smell bothers you use aromas in the bathroom that you like such as a spray or essential oils.
    • Try using essential oil smells rubbed under their nose to help ease the smell.
    • Have scented spray available for them to spray during that time.
    • Use something to close off your nose such as a nose plug and breathe through your mouth

Using Visuals to help with teaching

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Breaking the skill into manageable parts using task analysis

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Community Outing Ideas to help with Toilet Training

  • When going on errands to get toileting supplies to let the child help pick out the products. Let them help pick out toilet paper or wipes to let them feel more a part of the process.
  • If the child has a hard time going into the store try using online order and pickup. We personally love using Walmart Grocery to order online and they bring it right out to our car!
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One Last Thought

  • As the parent or teacher keep in mind that this is a new skill and you both may start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Try to stay positive and patient through this process. It will take some time to develop strategies that will work for your child.
  • Please let me know in the comments below if there are other activity ideas I should mention that worked well for you!