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Increase Independence with Taking a Shower


You want to help your autistic teen or young adult to take a shower more independently, but you are feeling overwhelmed with finding strategies that work.


Use this Taking a Shower Printable Bundle to help you create a plan and have ready-made teaching resources to help make the teaching process easier.


Learn how to teach taking a shower to autistic teens and young adults in a respectful way.


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What is Included in the Taking A Shower Toolkit Bundle:

  • Teaching Tips and Resources for Autistic Teens and Young Adults to learn how to take a shower more independently.
  • Sensory Adaptations for taking a shower to help make showering a little easier and less stressful on the body.
  • Visual Sequencing Steps with Real Photos and Written Words for a Teen Boy and a Teen Girl.
  • Information about how to teach them why we take a shower to help them better understand why they need to care for their body.
  • Activity and Treatment Ideas for teaching how to take a shower during therapy and at home.
  • Digital Activities to help you teach showering through Telehealth and online learning.
  • A Data Chart to help you document and monitor progress over time.
  • A Written Checklist to show each step of how to take a shower and wash hair.
  • Specific tips for each of the steps of taking a shower to help you problem solve and figure out ways to help the individual you are working with become more successful in taking a shower.

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Use the coupon Code 30SHOWERBUNDLE at checkout for 30% off the Taking a Shower Bundle!