How to Teach Teens with Autism How to Use the Microwave

How to teach teens with autism how to use the microwave

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Teaching how to use the microwave is an important cooking skill to help increase independence when cooking meals. The microwave can be a great tool to make some simple meals or a great tool to use to reheat up leftovers.

How do I teach how to use the Microwave?

The first steps are to make sure you explain the safety issues when using the microwave. Make sure the individual understands how to use the microwave safely.

  • Teach them about how to handle hot foods when taking foods out of the microwave.
  • what types of containers can go in the microwave to heat up foods
  • what types of items cannot go in the microwave

Next, you can teach them the steps of how to use the microwave.

  • You will want to go over the buttons on your microwave such as how to open the door on the microwave.
  • what buttons are start and stop/cancel
  • how to set the time on the microwave
  • as they understand the basic buttons, you can teach some of the more complex buttons as you see fit.

Once they understand the buttons on the microwave and how to open the door, you can go through the steps of using the microwave with them. You can model the steps for them and go through each step and talk through it with them. Make sure to point out some important steps with safety such as touching hot things after they are heated up or taking off foil before putting the food in the microwave.

You can use simple recipes to go through the steps of using the microwave such as some instant mac and cheese or oatmeal, or you could reheat some leftover dinner with them.

List out the steps

You can list out the steps of how to use the microwave for them in a checklist format or with pictures and words to help them visually see how to complete each step. You could also take real-life photos of them in action when using the microwave and use those photos to make a visual checklist for them! We love using our iPhone to take photos of each step on how to complete something. You could also use this idea for when you want to teach a new recipe. If they have a hard time reading the instructions of a new recipe, you could try taking pictures of them completing each step with you so that they can go through the pictures to remember each step.

We have created a FREE Printable just for you that makes this easy for you! We made a list of the steps of how to use the microwave and then we used pictures and words to create a step by step visual for them to better understand the steps to complete.

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We hope you find these tips helpful and we always love hearing back from you! Let us know in the comments below if you found these tips and our FREEBIE to be helpful for you! We are here for you each step of the way as you help teach life skills!

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