Help Increase Attention and Focus for Older Kids 

You want to help your teen or young adult to focus better during the day. They need help to focus while doing their homework, watching a lecture, or listening to the teacher in the classroom.


You are feeling overwhelmed with how to help them or what type of strategies to try.


Use this Attention and Focus Toolkit for Older Kids to help you create a plan and work with them to find sensory strategies to help them focus and get the stuff done that they need to.


Does this Sound Familiar?


As a parent, you notice your teen has been struggling to focus and they have a really hard time paying attention when they have to sit down to work on homework, watch a virtual lecture for school, or study. They are constantly moving around or any little noise really bothers them. They just can't focus and they need your help, but you don't know what to do or how to help them.

As an occupational therapist, you have parents asking you to help their teen have better focus and attention when they need to do seated tasks. They want you to help their teenager calm their body and be able to focus especially for virtual lessons. 

You are feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out the best solutions to try to help them increase their focus and attention.

Imagine this…

As a parent, imagine having your teenager do some movement and sensory activities on their own or with your help and then they are better able to sit and focus for online learning or to complete their homework. When your teenager gets upset, you are able to help them find strategies to help them calm down and refocus their energy on what they are supposed to do. 


You will have sensory strategy solutions to help them better be able to do focus in order to get their homework done or listen to an online virtual lesson. 

 As an occupational therapist, this ebook will help you feel confident teaching teens and young adults how help them increase their focus and attention especially for seated tasks. You can go through this toolkit with the teenager and parents and work together to find strategies that work for your client. 

What is included in the Attention and Focus Toolkit for Older Kids Ebook?

This 31 page printable pack focuses on helping the teenager find sensory strategies to help them with their focus and attention.


  • This Toolkit can be used with the teenager independently or the parent/teacher can go through it with them as well.

  • You will get ideas on how to use this workbook with the teenager

  • An overview of sensory terms

  • An Explanation of What do Sensory and Attention have in common?

  • Why do we use Sensory Strategies to help with attention?

  • Strategies to set up the environment for success

  • Strategies for the classroom setting

  • Ideas and tips specific to parents and teachers to help the student

  • Strategies for at home

  • Visual strategies

  • Auditory strategies

  • Tactile strategies

  • Movement strategies

  • Oral Sensory strategies

  • Ideas to help with Overstimulation 

  • Calm Down Toolkit Ideas

  • Identifying their strengths

  • Creating Awareness with an action plan 

  • Reflection Questions to help identify what is working and not working.

I love how this is geared towards older kids and that it has reflection questions. This is great for the teen and the parents to go through together! 


Occupational Therapist

How to Purchase your Copy

Attention and Focus Toolkit for Older Kids is an eBook, or Digital file, which means you are purchasing a PDF copy. That means you can read the book on any computer or mobile device and print off a copy. As a result, this book is best viewed on a computer or mobile device.

Please note that there are no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of these products.

Frequently Asked Questions:



Can I use these in my clinical practice with patients?

Yes, you can use this toolkit and print out sections that you would like to use with your clients. I just ask that you have other collegues purchase their own copy for use.


Will this save me time in my clinical practice?

Yes, I believe this will save you time planning for treatment sessions by having resources and ideas on ways to help them with their focus and attention. Always make sure your sessions are client focused on what they need, but use this tool as a guide and a step to help you. 


Can I use this toolkit at home with my teenager to help them? 

Yes! As a parent you can use this toolkit to help you and your child work together to try to find some strategies that work for them. You can find strategies to help at home and for at school.


What is the cost of this electronic eBook?


The Attention and Focus Toolkit for Older Kids Ebook and Bonuses are all yours for only $7.00!