Social Skills for Teens

Our family understands some of the difficulties that can come with teaching social skills. We are working everyday to help teach my brother specific social skills. We have tried different ways to help him learn these skills. We have used modeling behaviors, talking through different situations, social stories, social situation cards, and videos to show the different social skills.

We have created a list of 50+ social skills that we feel are valuable for teens to learn as they start their transition into adulthood. We hope you can find this list helpful!

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50 Social Skills for Teens #socialskills #autism #teens

50+ Social Skills for Teens

  1. how to talk with peers

  2. asking for help

  3. accepting criticism

  4. how to stay safe in new situations

  5. understanding sarcasm

  6. how to tell someone no

  7. stranger safety

  8. resisting peer pressure

  9. problem solving skills

  10. understanding how my actions affect others

  11. understanding my own feelings

  12. being able to understand feelings of peers

  13. following directions

  14. how to handle conflict with others

  15. how to work as a group/team

  16. how to listen to someone speaking

  17. understanding nonverbal body language

  18. understanding safety with social media/technology

  19. safety with sex

  20. safety with dating

  21. how to talk about your own interests with peers

  22. when it is appropriate to laugh/cry

  23. when it is good to smile

  24. how to show respect to others

  25. good manners

  26. how to show interest in what another person is talking about

  27. how you would act around a “boss or authority figure”

  28. how to talk with friends

  29. how to act when we get mad

  30. how to walk away from situations

  31. how to act in a public area vs private area

  32. how to act at a party

  33. how to talk about your own strengths/weaknesses

  34. how to ask for directions

  35. how to call 911 if you are in danger

  36. how to talk with or ask questions with doctors (medical appointments)

  37. how to make a phone call to schedule something

  38. how to talk on the phone

  39. what your own body language looks like when talking with someone

  40. how to go to the grocery store to purchase groceries

  41. what to do when you are in danger

  42. what to do if there was an active shooter (I wish I didn’t even have to think about this situation)

  43. what to do if you don’t feel well (sick)

  44. how to have a conversation with someone you don’t know

  45. how to speak up in a group

  46. how to appropriately text someone on the phone

  47. how to appropriately post information on social media

  48. how to travel safely

  49. accepting differences

  50. how to stay on topic

  51. showing empathy

  52. how to get along with people you may not like

  53. waiting in a line

  54. patience


Are there any social skills you would like us to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


Here is a FREE printable with the social skills listed above for you to have as your own reference! Get your free copy of the social skills checklist here!

Social Skills for Teens #social skills


How can we help our loved ones learn social skills?

There are various ways we can help our loved one learn social skills. We all learn in different ways. We need to remember to have patience and kindness when working on these skills. Some social skills come easy to some and not for others. Be respectful and kind when working on these skills. Here are a list of ideas on ways you can work on social skills.

  • Model appropriate social behavior

  • Practice the social skills with adults and peers

  • Talk through different situations

  • Create social stories or social scripts for the situations

  • Become involved in social groups

  • Become involved in acting groups

  • Become involved in team building groups or high interest activities with peers

  • Participate in sports activities

  • Watch videos, showing how to work on the social skills

What are some ways you have been able to work on social skills?


Get your free copy of the social skills checklist here!

Social Skills for Teens #social skills